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Most approaches to healthy eating dwell on calories, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Instead of creating lists of restrictions and good and bad foods, I coach my clients to explore basic improvements and implement gradual changes during our work together. As these pieces accumulate, my clients find the changes collectively create a much larger impact than they originally expected. We work on what you want to improve, and within the circumstances of your unique situation.


******For a limited time as an opportunity to get to know me and my style, I am offering a 90 minute ZOOM "Pantry Raid" where I will help you navigate your pantry and let you know what is harming you that you are using and what to replace it with when you run out. Many foods in our pantries are sabotaging our health, causing weight gain, mood swings, depression, and hormone issues and the pantry is a good introduction to what is wrong with our food and baby steps to regaining your health. I'm charging $20 for 90 minutes and you can send your payment to this link https://www.paypal.me/healthcoach7  Once I receive your payment I will email you to set up our appointment to go through your pantry. I look forward to hearing from you!



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The Drug FREE way to optimal health!

Why we need to BAN GMO'S and what you can do to eliminate toxins?

As a Health Coach I help people navigate their way back to health with foods and lifestyle changes. I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2011. I had never thought about being a Health Coach. I’ve been a Realtor since 1999. What drove me to this was a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia in 2004 that led to a steady stream of tests, scans, blood work, physical therapy and too many specialists to count. I saw Neurologists in Kalamazoo, U of M, and Cleveland Clinic. All of them wanted to put me on medications that I didn’t want. Then I was hit with IBS and gluten intolerance. I had a younger brother who died 4 years ago from ALS and there was nothing I could do to help him. So many people I knew were sick and no one could tell them why. I wanted to know why and how to not only get myself healthy but to be able to help others get their health back.

My first talk was on glutens and why they should be avoided. A good friend of mine who was a DJ at WKZO and now has her own TV show granted me an in studio interview to talk about my upcoming class. I gave my talk that Saturday and a woman with 4 very well behaved children came to that talk. It wasn’t until I gave my next talk the following month on sugar that she came up to me and told me that she was at my gluten class and heard my radio interview. She said that she had never listened to that radio station before but what I talked about on the air made her want to come and listen to my talk. Her younger daughter was not thriving and Dr’s were not able to figure out why. She told me that since the gluten talk she had taken her daughter off all glutens and that she had started gaining weight just in the past 30 days and wasn’t complaining about her stomach hurting all the time. She said to me, you have saved my daughters and my life! That’s when I knew I had to keep talking and we have been good friends ever since.

GMO’s are the most important to eliminate first and here’s why:
GMO’s were introduced into our food supply in the mid 90’s with the promise of 3 things to the farmers and the gov’t from Monsanto. In spite of the cheery TV commercials that Monsanto runs on TV today about how great their foods are you need to keep in mind that they have a horrendous history. Just google History of Monsanto. They brought us saccharin which they sold to coco-cola, Agent Orange, rBGH the recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone that is a cancer causing agent given to cows in factory farms, PCB’s,RoundUp herbicide and RoundUp ready GM crops.

#1 Lie: The GM seeds would increase yield…………..that was a lie. It has been proven that GM crops do not and have not produced more yield.

#2 Lie That less pesticides and herbicides would be needed because the pesticides were built right into the seeds……….Another lie…. they have been over spraying the crops since the inception of GM seeds and in fact the bugs and weeds have evolved to the point where they are bigger and stronger than before requiring bigger badder pesticides. They are now called super bugs and super weeds. Last year the gov’t approved the use of Enlist, that includes 2,4-D, the main ingredient from Agent Orange. The same agent orange that decimated Vietnam and still affects our soldiers who served in that war today. I am working with a woman right now who suffers from Agent Orange Poisoning that was passed down to her from her father who served in the Vietnam War. These chemicals alter our DNA and can be passed down to our kids. Just last month the gov’t also approved the use of drones to spray the crops and they are not supposed to spray if the winds are over 10mph…..right….who is going to oversee that? Farms today are located at or around daycare facilities, schools and neighborhoods. If you think glyphosate symptoms are bad, just wait! As a side note glyphosate is worse than DDT! Both State Senator's Fred Upton (R) and Debbie Stabenow (D) are on the GMO train and believe these lies. They also enjoy the money they get from Monsanto to offer their praise. They have sold us out and we can’t rely on their help. Not anymore. This is a fight we have to take on ourselves.

#3 Lie: GM crops will FEED the World……BIG lie. As of today over 64 countries have either rejected, banned or demanded labeling of GM foods. 100’s of thousands of Indian farmers have commited suicide over the last decade because of the enormous debt that they incurred from GM cotton and rice. You see, once the farmer decides to buy the GM seeds, they are forced to buy all of Monsanto’s products like herbicides, pesticides and then Monsanto raises the prices once they know they have the farmers locked in. GM seeds are designed to have a short shelf life and only last for one season, forcing farmers to buy new seeds every year. What a shame that suicide is the only way to save their families. But, I would doubt that most of you have even heard about this in the mainstream media.

Going back to #2 let’s talk for a minute about glyphosate and what it does. Glyphosate is the main ingredient in RoundUp, the same roundup you spray on weeds on your driveway that runs off into the storm water to be recycled. Each seed of corn contains this toxin and it’s job is to stop the pests in their tracks. Once the bug bites into the plant, the toxin is released into the gut of the bug…killing it. This is exactly what it is doing to us only we are bigger, so it’s just creating tiny tears in our intestinal lining allowing whole food particles to get into our bloodstream and set up an inflammation battle. Another lie by Monsanto was that glyphosate would not survive through the process of harvesting and make it into our bodies. We finally have a blood test to detect glyphosate levels and glyphosate is showing up in umbilical cord blood and breast milk. Corn is now labeled by the Environmental Protection Agency as a pesticide. Glyphosate is linked to alzheimer’s, autism, obesity, heart disease and if you look at the introduction of GMO’s into our food and the correlation of disease, they are side by side. Farmers are feeding their livestock corn and soy because it fattens them up making them worth more money at slaughter. Then we consume that same meat that makes us sick and diseased. Farmers are dealing with many of the same health issues with their herds that humans are dealing with with infertility leading the pack. Cows are not designed to consume corn and soy or be injected with growth hormones and that is why they need the antibiotics.

We never thought we would have to worry about wheat because that wasn’t genetically modified but it turns out that all the wheat gets two hearty doses of glyphosate.
Glyphosate has been used as a pre-harvest application since 1980 on all wheat and barley and then used 7-10 days before harvest as a drying agent. It is now used on all grain crops---rice, seeds, dried beans, peas, sugar cane, sweet potatoes and sugar beets. Wheat was hybridized in the 70’s and created super glutens with an opiate like effect and it just tasted so good we couldn’t stop eating it. They knew it was causing people to gain weight but their gaining profits meant more to them and they pressed on. The wheat was hybridized with azide, the same chemical responsible for causing air bags to deploy. This explains why all the problems with our guts and wheat even though it was not genetically modified it has been sprayed with the toxic glyphosate since 1980.

Glyphosate levels in our foods have been rising to the extent that last year Congress met and raised the glyphosate limits to exceed what is currently found in our food. Collusion?

Another thing to keep in mind is that GMO free does not mean pesticide free. The only standard bearer for cleaner food is the certified organic seal. The very companies that have bought all of the organic companies are the ones that are paying millions of dollars to fight labeling our foods. They had no problem creating new labels to say that their foods were gluten free but neglected to disclose that they come from GMO corn, soy, and canola or that the wheat and rice was sprayed with glyphosate. You need to know that if you are on a gluten free diet, due to gluten intolerance, gluten sensitivity or celiac that you also need to see the Non GMO project seal on whatever packaged food you are buying, or you are just adding insult to injury. Over 30 million Americans have gluten issues and don’t know it and left unchecked will lead to celiac which has no cure! It is my feeling that everyone would benefit from a gluten free/GMO free diet!

Dr. Oz started the TV debate and unfortunately a handful of industry paid so called Dr’s called for his resignation. Thankfully many reputable Dr’s came to his rescue and debunked their claims. This story was all about Monsanto and the fact that Dr. Oz dared to create a dialogue. The media will not step into this one because they get too much money from advertisers that pay to keep them on the air. He had both sides of the issue on his show and it was fair and balanced. Monsanto has strong gov’t ties and they have deep deep pockets, but we out number them 1,000,000 to 1. We are the 99% in this fight and if we simply refuse to buy what they are selling we will affect change. The more that people are aware of what is going on with our food, our air, our water, our soil and our health the more will begin to source their foods better. I truly believe that because I was them 5 years ago and I couldn’t fathom the idea that our own gov’t would lie to us and worse yet allow food manufacturers to serve us foods that make us sick. I figured if it was in the grocery store to buy someone had to make sure that it was safe for us to eat…..and boy was I wrong.

So, what can we do?

I have come to the conclusion over the last 4 years that there are 10 things you need to do to regain your health.
1. Get off ALL GMO’s.
2. Eliminate all glutens from your diet.
3. Drink lots of pure, clean water!
4. If you are going to consume meat source it from a local farmer who is organic or Non GMO. I use www.creswickfarms.com They deliver to Kalamazoo once a month.
5. Eliminate all soy unless fermented (miso, tempeh, tamari, tofu) from your diet.
6. Eliminate processed foods and only eat those packaged foods that contain only real food and uses 7 ingredients or less. (If you can’t pronounce it why would you eat it?) I like the protein blend from www.richvitality.com
7. Kick soda and anything with aspartame or synthetic sugars to the curb.
8. Reduce or eliminate all dairy unless it is organic and only from a grass fed source.
9. Reduce or eliminate sugar again unless organic and then only in moderation.
10. Last and NOT least, eat real whole foods, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, berries, fresh caught fish and lots of clean water!

Don’t despair or give up. We have strength in numbers and all of us just want to be able to feed ourselves and our families good clean foods. Everyone should be entitled to that, not just those that can afford it. When you go to the movies take your own healthy snacks and refuse to buy their food. Make sure you tell them why you will not buy their products. Everything in the theater is GMO!

As I mentioned refusing to buy their products will hit them where it hurts…in their wallet.

We should all be doing something to detox everyday. I use Diatmoaceous Earth and am happy to share a 99 page booklet on its many wonderful uses, just email me, get to a far infrared sauna if one is available, take Epsom salt and baking soda baths, look into glutathione. There are many foods that are naturally detoxifying and I can send you a list of those foods, simply email me. lorilamb.chhc@gmail.com Get out and exercise, try to do something that breaks a sweat. Stop using antiperspirants that prevent sweating. It’s how the body naturally detoxes.

Ask your Dr. to do a hair analysis so that you can find out what heavy metals you are dealing with. Ask for the Elissa IgG test to determine what foods are causing you the most trouble. The Diatomaceous Earth that I mentioned removes aluminum and aluminum toxicity is linked to Alzheimers and neurological diseases. Make sure to get FOOD GRADE. I buy mine on amazon and you can also get it at the Health Food Stores.

I think another place to start is on our schools, I encourage you to go to your son or daughter’s school and see what is being served to them on the menu. When you think about the fact that for many children the meals they get at school may be the only foods they get to eat it’s more important than ever to serve healthy foods. Everyone deserves better from this country. Talk to the principal’s and ask them who is in charge of the food service. Ask them to start sourcing better foods and ask to start a Mom’s group to brainstorm ideas. I know that my grand daughter would buy the hot lunch program if they served better foods. If they want more buy in they need to clean up the food offerings.

Call or FB food manufacturers like Kellogg’s, Kraft and General Mills and tell them you want them to serve us the same foods they feed to other countries who demand cleaner, better food. I post on their FB pages all the time!
Check out Mom’s across America’s website www.momsacrossamerica.org where you can download a flyer to take into the restaurant Mgr. and ask them to start offering non GMO or better yet organic foods. Let them know that you will support their business if they source their foods better. They also have a page to download to hand to your cashier at the grocery store. My daughter in law and a group of Moms in Sturgis have been hammering the Kroger store Mgr to get better, healthier food choices and little by little it is changing.

Websites I like and trust:
http://www.nongmoproject.org/ I encourage you to sign up for their magazine it has so many things positive that are happening right now in our fight for clean food.
http://www.ewg.org/ type in products you use and they will tell you how good or bad they are.

We are under a chemical assault right now in this country with over 80,000 chemicals approved for use in the United States and less than 5% ever tested for safety. Every year 2500 new chemicals are introduced. You come in contact with over 200 chemicals before you leave your home in the morning. We are bombarded with electromagnetic frequencies from cell phones and now the new smart meters that will run 24/7 off of cell towers affects our DNA. You have a choice on whether or not you want one and you need to do your research. Again, I have sources if you want them. This makes it practically impossible to pinpoint the exact cause of your ill health. It’s cheaper to have food chemists create food that tastes like the real thing than it is to use the real thing. McDonalds would rather close 700 restaurants due to lagging sales than source better foods. Corporate profits are more important than your health. We have to be our own advocates and do our own research and decide what is best for our families. Why is it in this country that the organic farmer has to pay the extra fees and buy insurance to protect themselves from economic loss when a GM field blows into theirs and contaminates their crop? It’s a backwards system that penalizes the wrong group.

GMO’s and glyphosate are linked to Autism, Alzheimer’s, Obesity and Heart Disease.

Alzheimer’s today affects 5.4 million people and is projected to double every 20 years it is also the 6th leading cause of death and ironically people with Alzheimers also have higher levels of DDT in their blood.

Cancer is the #1 cause of death in children under the age of 15. In 2015, and we call this winning the war against cancer.

When I started IIN (Institute for Integrative nutrition) in 2010 Autism affected one in every 155 children mostly boys and now it is every 1 in every 50 and according to leading MIT scientist Dr. Stephanie Seneff by 2025 it will be 1 out of every 2 children born who will have autism. http://www.anh-usa.org/half-of-all-children-will-be-autistic-by-2025-warns-senior-research-scientist-at-mit/

I’m sure that all of you know someone who is dealing with poor health and can’t figure out why. It’s NOT normal to eat and immediately run to the bathroom, or suffer with bloating, gas or indigestion. Your children shouldn’t be telling you that their stomachs hurt every time they eat. Your body is trying to tell you something….and you need to listen!

GMO’s are killing off the bees and the Monarch butterflies. The glyphosate is killing off the milkweed for the monarchs when they bring it back from the corn and the bees are pollinating all the fruits and vegetables with glyphosate. We need to plant more milkweed to save the monarchs, but most of all we need to BAN GMO’s!

I have 7 grand children under the age of 9 and I do this for them. I have become more entrenched in this battle over the last 4 years and I have come to the point where I just refuse to pay even $1.00 to let someone poison me. It’s taken me 4 years to regain most of my health, I’m still a work in progress. I don’t want them to look back on these days 20 years from now and say Grandma, you knew about this, what did you do? I am more interested in having more life to my years than more years in my life and I want to be around to see them get married and have families of their own if that’s what they choose.. I want to show them my love by introducing them to healthy, hearty foods, real foods and someday hopefully, they will thank me.

I offer a free 1 hour consultation based on the completion of your health history that you can access and fill out at www.lorilamb.com click on health history and once you fill it out just hit send and it goes right to my computer. Follow me on FB and get engaged. www.facebook.com/healthcoach7

My website is full of recipes and useful information that you can use right now! I will also speak to any sized groups of people to get this information out. I have over 12 classes on health related topics and offer an extensive 3 month program online called the Fast Track to a Better You! Just click on the link on the top of my webpage for more information.

Be Healthy!

Feel free to leave your comments below!

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